Databridge Models

The Databridge is an excellent advancement in ship wireless technology, which is used for safety and monitoring. The technology works by sending wireless signals, literally ‘bridging’ data transmissions by taking data signals in, converting them into an acceptable format, and transmitting them around the power line or via radio frequency, to other devices. This means that signals will still be transmitted on a dead ship, which is life saving technology.

Case Study M-link,

Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm Systems [BNWAS] require a direct connection to the vessels autopilot to allow the system to be set to automatic mode. The vast majority of flag governing bodies require this connection, however often the BNWAS has been installed without this connection.
This can be achieved quickly and efficiently with minimal cost and delay to the vessel and most importantly assist to deliver a compliant BNWAS system.

Case Study S-Link,

Net-Logic was able to provide a solution for a passenger ferry whose stabiliser control system was manually controlled by the crew after an incident when unfortunately the crew forgot to withdraw the stabilisers when coming into dock. The stabilisers were damaged and repair costs were high. The operator wanted the sister vessel fitted with the same system. The sister ship however did not have an accessible speed log and so the vessels GPS system was used to solve the problem. S-Link devices were used to take the 4-20mA speed log data and converter to a relay output and audible alarm module.
Due to the simplicity and adaptability of the S-Link modules the cost and time was kept to a minimum and ensured the vessel(s) suffered no further accident.