Security [S-Link]

White Noise Sounder:

The White Noise Sounder is a powerful internal security sounder that effectively stops intruders. It generates a unique sound which an intruder cannot tolerate and protects secured area for the few minutes before security or police can attend. This is a significant upgrade to the effectiveness of existing systems.
The devise contains a self contained sounder activated via S-Link devices allowing control via the Vessel Watch system.
Internal back-up by 1.8 Ah battery gives up to 30 minutes of alarm in the event of power failure to the sounder.
A mini UPS can also be attached as a back up power supply in case of power outage.

Disorientating flashing strobe light:

By producing an intense light effect, the screening properties of any security smoke are magnified immensely.
For example, imagine driving into thick fog and then turning your vehicle’s full beam on and you will get a small idea of the effect.
The unit itself is small, robust and designed with style in mind. Using this line of products means that lower volumes of smoke (and hence smaller, cheaper fog generators) can be employed to incredible effect.