Vessel Watch [S-Link]

The Vessel Watch system offers a bespoke solution for monitoring a wide variety of S-Link devices, centralizing your monitoring systems and allowing fast and effective reactions to unexpected incidents.
The Vessel Watch system includes:

  • Temperature and Humidity sensing
  • Sound Level devices within areas of the vessel.
  • Dynamic Sensing including tilt angles, vibration, shock and rotations in all three axis
  • Weather inputs
  • Security Sensor


The Vessel Watch is the central hub for a network of Net-Logic devices.
The menu structure has a GPS feed and be capable of logging all temperature sensors on the local network and monitoring the security devices on board (such as laser trip wires, hall effect door sensors, white noise alarms).
A VDR output reports security breaches and abnormalities. The interface also links GPS, Autopilot and other key controls on the bridge.
The vessel watch system is accessible through an application built for iPad and Android devices. Vessel Watch system could also show the Alarm Watch as a menu item on the main screen.
The Vessel Watch network application allows any computer on the vessels network to access the system and monitor and/or adapt the nodes in real time.

The Asset Alarm

The Asset Alarm allows a virtual security fence to be created and a warning signal to be sent when the asset breaks the perimeter.
The assets are monitored via Net-Logics secure server networks
I-Link devices use an Iridium based communication backbone coupled with an integrated GPS network to create a range of asset tracking devices.
For vehicle based asset tracking the I-Link devices can be linked to M link devices to immobilise the vehicle.